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Agency Work                            August 2021 - April 2023    


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✶ Spark Magazine ✶

Editor-in-Chief                           May 2020 - May 2021

Maya finds it nearly impossible to type out everything they have learned, created, and accomplished as EIC onto this website.

As EIC, Maya oversaw a staff of 200+ creatives and every department, and function, of Spark. Equal to their role as management and HR of the magazine, their role was imperative to the copy-editing and creative processes that create the bi-annual print magazine. 

Issue No. 16: Fantasia


Due to COVID-19, the Spark team believed they wouldn’t be able to print this season’s issue; Issue No. 15: Amuse-Bouche. They cut their staff dues in half to make them more affordable for anyone who’s lost finances due to the pandemic, making the org. unable to provide free copies to staff as they usually did. Instead, they created an online magazine/microsite. 

After weeks of discussion later into the season, Spark realized how much they appreciate the art of printing and having a physical copy of their work in hand. The leadership team decided to scour their sources to find an affordable, yet high-quality way to easily print. Following weeks of research, the team mined printing gold and sold out on orders within two days. Spark walked away from this season excitedly with Issue No. 15 print magazines and an irreproachable microsite that brought the issue to life. 

Issue No. 15: Amuse-Bouche


✶ BenBella Books ✶               

Marketing Administrative Assistant         May 2021 - Present

Maya is currently Marketing Assistant at BenBella Books. She works closely with the BenBella Marketing team on marketing iniatives for award winning titles in the wellness, social justice, pop culture, and business spaces. Most of her work consists of (but is not limited to):

     ︎︎︎Writing, proofing, and editing galley covers, pitches, and marketing letters
     ︎︎︎Creating media lists (podcasts, radio shows, TV, long-lead, short-lead, etc) specific to the author’s target demographic
     ︎︎︎Creating and pitching social media captioning for BenBella’s social platforms 
     ︎︎︎Creating and pitching talking points for author interviews 

     ︎︎︎Recording, analyzing, and tracking book sales and advertisement data

Marketing Intern                                          August 2020 - May 2021

✶ Iron Roots Marketing Agency ✶

Content, Marketing, and Copy-Writing Intern         May 2019 - August 2019

As an intern at Iron Roots, Maya’s worked was primarily for AdRobin, a start-up digital ad-agency under Iron Roots. Her main areas of focus were in branding, cultivating a blog and pitching articles, and creating workflow charts for processes of AdRobin. As an intern she: 

    ︎︎︎Cultivated a blog strategy and created a blog section for the AdRobin website using Wix
    ︎︎︎Utilized platforms such as Lucidchart, Photoshop and Illustrator to create and manage workflow and project processes
    ︎︎︎Crafted a “brand bible”, public relations list and press release to highlight AdRobin’s personality, identity and to prepare the agency for increasing exposure after it’s debut

 ✶ More Written Work ✶

Maya focuses on writing about fashion, health, art, and culture. 

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